Sports Injuries: How Athletes Can Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy

Professional, college level, or even “weekend warrior” athletes can sustain a sports injury. The causes are varied, but new and exciting therapies are available now as an alternative to surgery. Learn how athletes with sports injuries can benefit from stem cell therapy.

How Does Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Regenerative therapy uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself employing healthy cells found in our own body. This regenerative therapy is able to speed up our natural healing process, repair damaged tissue, reduce pain, and can even help to improve function.

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Stem cell therapy takes your own cells and injects them into the injury. Now known as orthobiologics, it uses high concentrations of platelet rich plasma (PRP), or bone marrow stem cells. It is now possible to heal and regenerate lost, damaged, or aging tissue.  The best use of this optional therapy is for injuries that are acute, chronic, or from overuse.

The procedure for harvesting or obtaining these stem cells is virtually painless and requires no downtime as it is performed as an outpatient.

Which Injuries Are Best Treated With Stem Cell Therapy?

Many sports injuries can be prevented, but in a lot of cases they are caused by overuse or repetitive stress. Overuse occurs with repetitive motions of joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles.

A common example is when a pitcher overworks his shoulder. Improper form or technique is another way to damage and cause pain from a stretched, torn, or strained ligament.

On the other hand, regenerative stem cell therapy is not suited for minor injuries like an overworked and swollen tendon. Other alternatives would be best here.

Specific injuries best treated with stem cell therapy include the following:

  • Torn meniscus
  • Ligament injury
  • Tendon injury
  • Muscle injury
  • Joint injury

Lastly, joint space narrowing occurs when cartilage in a joint degrades and becomes painful, stiff, and range of motion is reduced.

Any of these injuries can be caused by a one time trauma or chronic overuse.

Three Ways To Administer Stem Cells To An Injury

Dr. Alicia Carter can inject the stem cells into the injured site, during surgery the stem cells can be applied to the damaged area, or the sutures used can be coated with stem cells. As they dissolve they are absorbed into the body.

If you have sustained a sports injury, contact Dr. Alicia Carter about whether you can benefit from regenerative stem cell therapy instead of having surgery. Call 305-680-3527  to schedule an appointment at our Miami, FL office today.

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