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Dr. Alicia Carter brings her talent to Miami!

Dr. Carter is dedicated to the nonsurgical management of spine and orthopedic conditions, and to regenerative medicine therapies (platelet rich plasma and stem cell treatments). She is an expert in her field including spine and back pain.

After 20 years of award-winning experience practicing in New York City, Dr. Carter’s now practices exclusively in Miami. There is no need to wait or to look anywhere else. No other physician in her field has her résumé. Experience the best that Miami has to offer and contact us today. 

Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedics | Specializing in Stem Cell Therapy, PRP Injections, & Spinal Conditions

Upon meeting with Dr. Carter you will immediately experience what makes her special. With rare exception, patients are seen within 5 minutes of their appointment.  The initial visit is 1 hour and follow-up visits are 30 minutes, giving Dr. Carter time to listen to your concerns and treatment goals. She will diagnose your condition, explain why it happened, tell you exactly what you need to do to get better, and what you need to do to prevent it from happening again.

Ultrasound and fluoroscopy (video x-ray) are in the office for convenient, same-day diagnosis and treatment. Most injections can be done on the same day as consultations.  Patients of the practice are given direct access to Dr. Carter via phone, email, and text. Telehealth visits are available for Florida and New York residents under certain conditions.

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Dr. Carter has an excellent safety record and has taught injection techniques all across the country. Her expertise spans multiple areas including back and spine pain, joint and muscle plan, as well as PRP injections, and stem cell therapy injections.

Dr. Carter’s regenerative medicine protocols (platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapies) are backed by the latest scientific data.  Her pre-and post injection rehab programs and treatment plans are unique and specifically tailored to the individual patient’s goals and objectives.

Fitness and sports enthusiasts of all levels, from weekend warriors to professional athletes have benefited under Dr. Carter’s care.  Performing artists with career-threatening injuries have been able to return to their profession with Dr. Carter’s holistic approach to treatment. 

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