Dr. Alicia Carter and Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Alicia Carter of Miami, an award-winning spine and sports medicine expert, knows how to help individuals with sports physical therapy efficiently. Whether you’ve recently had a sports-related injury or want to improve your sports performance, Dr. Carter can help you reach your physical goals for the areas of integrative spine and sports Miami.

Dr. Carter’s Miami Spine and Sports Medicine remains centered around regenerative medicine and treating orthopedic conditions without the use of surgery. One of her specialty methods of treating these injuries includes orthopedic stem cell therapy as well as platelet-rich plasma therapies. Please contact our orthopedic office today for more information on specialized spinal injections in Miami.

Dr. Alicia Carter is famous for valuing her patients’ time by keeping her appointments on time and schedule. Also, treatments such as injections can occur on the same day as the appointment. Each consultation lasts for one hour, and follow-ups take 30 minutes.

More about Dr. Alicia Carter and Stem Cell Therapy
One of the latest treatments for orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, and arthritis is stem cell therapy . Using stem cell therapy frequently improves functioning and reduces pain.

Stem cells can get taken from the patient, a second-degree blood relative. When stem cells get taken from the patient, they usually come from a tiny amount of fat tissue or bone marrow. Only a doctor who specializes in regenerative medicine can decide the best type of stem cell treatment for you. This procedure gets done in the office after an MRI and evaluation. You may return to work the next day after stem cell therapy.

Dr. Alicia Carter’s Physiatrist Miami Qualifications
Why should Dr. Carter assist you with your sports injury?
Some of the essential qualifications to recommend Dr. Carter include:

• Dr. Carter remains board certified in the process of Regenerative Medicine.
• She has ten years of experience with therapeutic regenerative medicine.
• Dr. Carter offers her patients a thorough orthopedic evaluation to gain the correct diagnosis. Post-treatment therapies ensure that patients receive excellent results over the long-term.
• Many patients experience improvement in bodily functions and a large amount of pain relief after treatment by Dr. Carter.
• Dr. Carter has a success rate of over 90 percent.
• You can get free transportation from Dr. Carter’s office and home after a stem cell therapy treatment.

PRP Therapy Miami
Platelets remain fragments of blood cells that have rich tissue growth factors. When an injury occurs, platelets go to the injury site, release their growth potential, and heal that area.

Most individuals who use PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections get the material for their injections from their blood. Blood is removed from a patient, and then mainly concentrated on making PRPs. Once the PRPs get created, they become injected into a ligament, muscle, joint, or the spine to reinvigorate and accelerate the healing process. Not only does the area heal faster, but stronger tissue develops. Other benefits from PRP treatments include an improvement in functioning and a reduction in pain.

Some of the areas being successfully treated using PRP include:
• Tears in the rotator cuff.
• Labral tears in the shoulder.
• Sciatica.
• Degenerating discs.
• Knee sprains.
• Tennis elbow.
• Tears in the meniscus.
• ACL sprains.
• Plantar fasciitis.
• Ankle sprains.
• Arthritic joints. PRP also stops arthritis’ degeneration in many cases.

Describing a PRP Treatment
PRP treatments (https://miamispineandsportsdoctor.com/prp-injections/) occur in the office using either an ultrasound or x-ray for guidance. Blood gets drawn from you. It becomes placed in a unique centrifuge that separates red blood cells from the platelets. Anesthetic is situated in the area of the injury. Next, the area of concern is injected. The entire session takes just under an hour. Dr. Carter does all the work in her office to ensure proper procedures and high quality of the process.

Why should You See Dr. Alicia Carter?
Several reasons exist for you to make an appointment with Dr. Carter for your orthopedic care. Some of these reasons include:
• The way she evaluates her patients. Dr. Carter performs a comprehensive one-hour evaluation to learn about your lifestyle and why the injury occurred. She’ll also need to know about other treatments you may have received to figure out why those previous treatments didn’t work.
• Dr. Carter’s treatments, especially the PRP injections, tend to work very well even after only one session.
• Dr. Carter treats the whole issue causing you pain. On top of an injection, you may receive activity modifications and forms of physical therapy, such as exercises to build up the injured area.
• In about 80-85 percent of cases, patients experience significant improvement. Some of our patients experience total, permanent pain relief after only one treatment.
• Dr. Carter has the correct, FDA regulated equipment to perform her Regenerative Medicine treatments.
• Dr. Carter does all of the procedure from start to finish for a PRP treatment. Appropriate platelet collection and processing often determine the success of PRP injections.

Please contact Dr. Carter’s office for more information and to schedule a consultation today.

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