What you need to know about PRP therapy for hair loss

One of Alicia Carter’s specialties is PRP treatment. This treatment is offered for hair loss complications. Losing hair may not be a proud experience, even though we all must face the wrath of old age. Many people will lose some or even the whole of their hair in their lifetime. Hair loss can significantly affect your self-confidence and esteem. Many seek new solutions to replace their lost hair instead of solely relying on medications.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is a therapy that utilizes a patient’s blood to obtain the power hidden behind the platelet cells of the plasma. Numerous platelets are obtained from a patient, concentrated, and injected into the patient’s bloodstream. This treatment enormously prompts the natural healing qualities of the cells to start new growth of other cells and tissues in the body. Some use this treatment to treat hair loss and spine and orthopedic complications.

This procedure is the most sought-after option by patients with hair loss conditions since it has many benefits. Below we will look at the benefits of PRP treatment therapy for patients with hair loss.

PRP Therapy is safe and completely secure

Dr. Alicia Carter has a lot of medical care experience. With over 20 years under her belt, she provides quality and assured medical treatment procedures to all her patients. PRP therapy treatment is a procedure that does not take so much time. To be precise, 30 to 60 minutes and the process will be done. The non-invasive procedure is done in the office. Her presence goes a long way to show her patients that she can provide the best medical treatment procedure.

PHP Therapy is entirely natural

Other medical treatments and procedures involve drugs and medicine, but PHP treatment is natural. Platelets are obtained from an individual patient’s blood. It is only the power of these combined platelets which is harnessed to help a patient with hair loss complications. No supplements or additives are added to your system except the concentrated form of your blood platelets. Treatment solutions like minoxidil are artificially made solutions that may have side effects.

Moreover, patients and doctors involved have no worries that the patient’s body will reject the treatment or if it will react negatively. This is because the primary medical treatment materials come from the patient. Minoxidil solution is limited to being used by patients 18 years old and above. Also, the drug interactions can turn chaotic and hazardous to your skin, let alone allergy reactions. Minoxidil cannot be used by breastfeeding mothers and pediatric-related persons.

PRP treatment is precise, effective, and efficient

In Miami, Florida, PRP therapy has been continually used successfully with no side effects. Other medical procedures pose enormous risks, thereby having low rates of success. Historically, plasma therapy has been in use since late 1910, but its popularity grew exponentially at the beginning of the 21st century. For many medical treatment providers, the PRP treatment is widely known to work as a regenerative therapeutic procedure on different body tissues, specifically as a hair loss treatment. The plasma components separated from the erythrocytes have many growth factors vital to cell generation and replacement.

When applied to the bald scalp of the head, the plasma components energize hair follicles to produce hair where there was none. As the hair continues to grow, the follicles develop robustly and healthier. Sometimes the hair production replicates and even improves the hair of the patient. Precision will matter where the predetermined area of the scalp will be injected to enable hair growth in restricted and marked perimeters.

PRP therapy treatment lasts

Since the inception of PRP therapy, many research findings, surveys, and documentation have been done to show how this treatment works throughout the body. This treatment therapy has gained much attention from plastic surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and cardiac surgeons because of its regenerative properties and quick healing of the tissues. Therefore, hair that has begun growing due to this procedure will continue to grow as normal hair would. Over time, hair volume will boost hair coverage, thus boosting your look and feel.

Although long-term research has not laid down the clinical findings of this procedure, the success rate obtained during and after this treatment will continue to be a priority for many patients facing hair loss.

Re-grown hair will appear completely natural.

In the past, many hair loss procedures have been known to produce inconsistent and unpleasing appearances. The good thing about this treatment is that the re-growing hair results from the patient’s regeneration system rather than an external adjustment to the hair pattern and structure.

So as the hair re-grows, it appears identical to the patient’s previous hairstyle. The newly growing hair after this therapy treatment may even look thicker, more colorful, and fuller. Some people using this particular therapy may even experience improved hair appearance.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is the best option for people dealing with hair loss. This hair loss treatment will meet your needs and wants without harming your well-being.


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