Regenerative Medicine Can Help Patients Heal From Injury Quicker

Those who remember the early days of Star Trek and the medical techniques of the fictional future should be aware that future is here now. It might not be like the touch of a device to immediately heal broken bones, but today’s regenerative medicine can help patients heal from injury quicker.

The Wonders Of Stem Cells And Platelet Rich Plasma

Regenerative medicine is meant to amplify our natural healing process. It is a branch of medicine that deals with replacing tissue or organs damaged by disease or trauma as opposed to current clinical strategies that just treat the symptoms.

Blood platelets have amazing healing and growth abilities to facilitate and stimulate recovery and tissue repair.

Stem cells are not yet of a specialized nature, so they can assume the role of damaged tissue if needed.

These two therapies encourage your body to heal itself without surgery or medication. Sounds like science fiction, but it’s not.

Healing The Body Better

When our body is injured or invaded by a disease, it naturally tries to defend and heal itself. The goal of regenerative medicine is to accelerate this healing power our body has. It’s not just disease management any more; regenerative medicine searches for therapies that will support the body, and it seeks ways to prompt the self healing response.

doctor making injection in knee

There are two types of therapies in use now.

  • PRP or platelet rich plasma uses your own blood. A sample of blood is taken from you and then placed into a centrifuge to produce a high concentration of platelets. That platelet rich plasma is then injected into an area of concern like an arthritic joint.
  • Stem cells are found in adult body tissues. The therapy includes injecting your own stem cells into the area which needs healing like an injured joint. Through a process of differentiation the cells will become exactly the type needed to heal the injury or pain.

From chronic inflammation to sports injuries, regenerative medicine can help restore function to injured tissue giving you normal range of motion. Regenerative medicine now has USFDA approval to treat ankles, knees, hips, wrists, shoulders, and elbows.

If you have osteoarthritis, knee inflammation, elbow tendonitis, or any other joint issue, contact Regenerative Medicine and Orthopedics and discover if regenerative medicine might be right for you.

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