PRP Therapy: An Alternative To Shoulder Replacement

Man holding his injured shoulder that's highlighted in red

The shoulder is one of the most complicated and mobile joints in our body. As we get older, this mobility can result in painful osteoarthritis. Younger adults who participate in athletic competitions and those who simply overuse their shoulders may also experience this condition. Fortunately, there have been recent breakthroughs, including platelet rich plasma therapy, which […]

Sports Injuries: How Athletes Can Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy

tennis player touching his knee while sitting on the tennis court

Professional, college level, or even “weekend warrior” athletes can sustain a sports injury. The causes are varied, but new and exciting therapies are available now as an alternative to surgery. Learn how athletes with sports injuries can benefit from stem cell therapy.

Regenerative Medicine Can Help Patients Heal From Injury Quicker

doctor making injection in knee

Those who remember the early days of Star Trek and the medical techniques of the fictional future should be aware that future is here now. It might not be like the touch of a device to immediately heal broken bones, but today’s regenerative medicine can help patients heal from injury quicker.

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