How PRP Can Help With Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss

doctor injecting PRP into woman's scalp

Hair loss as we age is quite common. That’s why you see so many products in the marketplace to replace lost hair. If you are a man with a receding hairline or a woman whose part seems to be widening due to thinning hair, take heart. Let us tell you how platelet rich plasma (PRP) […]

PRP Therapy: An Alternative To Shoulder Replacement

Man holding his injured shoulder that's highlighted in red

The shoulder is one of the most complicated and mobile joints in our body. As we get older, this mobility can result in painful osteoarthritis. Younger adults who participate in athletic competitions and those who simply overuse their shoulders may also experience this condition. Fortunately, there have been recent breakthroughs, including platelet rich plasma therapy, which […]

PRP Injections: An Effective Therapy For Hair Loss

doctor performing scalp injection on male patient with hair loss

Starting to see more hair in your brush and comb or in your sink? Is your middle part getting wider? It can happen to the best of us. Sadly, it can be genetic, and up until recently, there was virtually nothing you could do about it except hair transplants and some medications. Enter PRP injections: […]

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